Attractions in Vestfold

Vestfold offers attractions ranging from ancient Viking burial mounds to the very best of Norwegian and international contemporary art.

Don't miss the Haugar Art Museum in Tønsberg, or the museums in Vestfold's towns that cover maritime, Viking, whaling, county and local history.

Vestfold has a wide range of sculptures in public parks and settings, due to pride taken in being a well groomed, inviting area. Architecture ranging from streets lined with small, wooden homes to old ruins, strictly modern office and production structures and large, up to date complexes for modern living provides for a shifting and exciting environment.

Vestfold is lined with attractions based on natural phenomenons. Nature reserves, ancient ruins, man made parks and fortresses opened for the public to enjoy. All with easy access and within a short range by car or by foot.  

Vestfold has cultural landmarks dating as far back as the bronce age 1500-500 BC.  Most renowned, however, are the more than 100 sites preserved from the Viking Age. Of more recent years, our coast is lined with fortresses well worth visiting.

Enjoy a variety of exhibits in the many galleries of the area.  Some small and charming and operated on a private basis, others operating all year round on a more professional basis.  Most galleries offer summer exhibits well worth visiting.

The oldest churches in Vestfold date back to the year 1100. New churches have been erected throughout the county since then, resulting in a wide specter of architecture and building material. 

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