Car rental

Avis Car Rental at Sandefjord Airport Torp and Rent-A-Wreck located in Tønsberg. Rental of cars, station-wagons, combi-cars, minibuses, vans and trucks.

Driving in Norway

Follow Norwegian Public Roads Administration for road obstructions, toll roads and other important information.


AutoPass Visitors’ Payment

Drive through Norway without worries

Payments for passing through toll stations in Norway are collected automatically through the AutoPASS system, meaning you can pass through AutoPASS toll stations without stopping. You will be invoiced tolls only and no fines. If you pass without a tag, the registration plate is photographed, sometimes indicated by a flash.


You can choose how to pay for tolls in Norway:


Alternative 1: Pay invoice after your journey (EPC-payment)

This solution can only be used for foreign-registered vehicles and is thus not available for Norwegian-registered vehicles.


Alternative 2: Register and prepay tolls with your credit card

For more information about Visitors' Payment

  • Visit
  • Email to:
  • Customer Service: 02012 (from Norwegian phones only) or +47 91 50 20 12 (from abroad)
  • AutoPass and car rental? Please ask Avis or your car rental company.



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