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Cookies used for statistics

We use Google Analytics to record browser activity on Through Google Analytics we study traffic, user patterns and trends on the web site. We record information about which pages you open, how much time you spend on each page, and which city/area you are visiting from. By gathering this data we get useful information which we can use to create better user experiences on the web site. 

In accordance with Google's guidelines for use of Google Analytics, no personal information about the users is stored. The collected data is stored in Google's servers. You can read more about how Google collects and protects data on Google's web site

Cookies that are used on

Name of cookie Function 
Used by Google Analytics to track usage on the site (session length, pages visited, browser, language, etc.).
FormCookie Used by the on-site form tool.


Cookies used by the publishing system which the site is built on. These are essential for the web site to work. 
cookieStatus This cookie is installed when you click the "Close" button in the cookie information box. This ensures that the box does not pop up the next time you visit the site. 

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