4 steps to understand Norwegians

The French author Lorelou Desjardins moved to Norway in 2010 and discovered the realities foreigners face when they try to adapt a new culture. In a humours way she wrote the book "The Frog in the Fjord – The Art of Being Norwegian". 

Lorelou Desjardins i Vestfold
Lorelou Desjardins i Vestfold
Photo: Visit Vestfold

I am hoping to give non-Norwegians a glimpse of what make Norway and Norwegians so awkward and so lovable; and to give Norwegians something to laugh or to think about.

- Lorelou afroginthefjord.com


If you are a tourist and try to blend in, make sure to watch our movies about Norwegian culture. Visit Vestfold and Lorelou will explain in 4 short movies a glimpse of what makes you a true Norwegian. 

Part one – "The wall of sun" and "Outdoor beer"

Part two – "Life in fresh air"

Part three - "Cozy and coziness"

Part four - Vikings


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