Art experiences in Vestfold

Visit art galleries, art exhibitions and see sculptures in our towns and out in the nature. There are many opportunities to go on an art-trip in Vestfold.

Photo: Didrick Stenersen

The photography's world

The photography and its world is in focus at Preus museum, which lie on a monumental ground at Karljohansvern in Horten. In this one-of-a-kind national photo-museum, you get a look at the photo’s technical evolution from camera obscura to mobile camera, and all the different photograph techniques in the museum’s permanent exhibition.


Further, it also consist of different themed exhibitions throughout the year. At the museums simple café you can buy coffee and cakes, and if the museum has inspired you to explore more of the photography’s history, the gift-shop has many treasures.

Photo: Sven Erik Knoff

Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch spent a lot of his summers at Åsgårdstrand, at the same time as he lived a roving life-style where he travelled to multiple cities in Europe, such as Paris, Nice, Berlin, Dresden, Antwerpen, Roma and Firenze. In 1898 Munch bought a little house in Åsgårdstrand and listed an atelier at his estate. From this little house, it’s possible to recognise the surroundings that is mirrored in his paintings. Pebbles, the coastline and moonlight. This is found in “Livsfrisen”. The connection between “Livsfrisen” and Åsgårdstrand was recognised early in the art scene.


It is 70 years since Munch home opened as a museum. Here you can see his little house of happiness. The landscape is found in his paintings. It is possible to experience Munch art with a walk in his footsteps either with a knowledgeable guide or on your own following the art on the map.


Haugar Vestfold art museum in Tønsberg

Haugar Vestfold art museum is worth a visit, it is located on a historical ground between Tønsberg city centre and Slottsfjell. The building by itself is outstanding and likewise is the treasure of the contemporary art. Andy Warhol the pop artist, had Edvard Munch as one of his absolute favourite artist, has created a series of artwork as attribute to the Norwegian artist. 13 of these artworks is a part of Haugar permanent exhibition, as well as Warhol’s portrait of Queen Sonja of Norway. Andy Warhol’s artwork is at all times be available to watch, the artwork is covering one third of the area devoted to display art from the museums own collections.


The Haugar museum host exhibitions throughout the year, as well as the museums own collections. Walking around absorbing the art can be combined with a break at Bare Baristas at Haugar.


Photo: Nils Kavlie Borge



The nature’s panoramic view and Knut Steen’s sculptures have created a special interaction between the two, it is located on the city’s roof at Midtåsen in Sandefjord. 16 of the artist artworks are displayed, the building is unique with its simple design of windows and concrete which enhance the art experience. The sculpture pavilion is located a part of a bigger park in Midtåsen, Anders Jahres was the previous owner. By visiting the sculpture pavilion it is perfect to combine with a walk around the park. The park has many viewpoints that show beautiful Sandefjord and the coastline.

Sti for øye

There are multiple possibilities to go on sculpture walks in Vestfold, where “a path for your eyes” is a declaration of love toward Vestfold’s beautiful forests. 12 artist from different countries have contributed to this art experience, it is a path of 2 km not far from “allfarvei” by Fossnes in Stokke, available all year round.   

The art of words is the theme of Larvik’s poetry-park. Words and quotations is displayed around the city, for inspiration, reflection and to provide the readers with a good feeling.


Art for All in the world

10 walls in Sandefjord city now display artworks of artist from all around the world in the project Art for all. The art project was hosted for 14 days in July 2017. The murals are located in the city centre and are easy to find.

Art for all in the world
Art for all in the world - Eduardo Kobra
Photo: Visit Vestfold


Art-galleries and exhibition

Sandefjord art association is located by Scandic Park Hotel and are open Wednesday to Sunday. The arts foundation convey professional art by locals, national and international artists. Further, it arranges courses and lectures.

Visit more galleries in Vestfold and look out for exhibitions you can attend in our Whats happening calendar. Especially Easter and fall-exhibitions in Stavern attract a lot of audience and artists.

Photo: Jørn Tore Røed

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