Island hopping without your own boat

If you don't have your own boat, but are still dreaming of experiencing the coastline, Vestfold got the answer. In Vestfold there is multiple possibilities to see the ocean, either with just a boat ride, or with a combination with experiences on the shore as well. 

Photo: Adrenaline Pictures

A boat-trip in the archipelago in Vestfold offer amazing sights


Regular boat-trips

M/S Viksfjord will bring you on island hopping from Stavern to Malmøya, Svenner and Stavernsøya. With two daily trips, it is possible to stay and experience some of the islands before getting the next ferry. The tour is approx. 2 hours. 


Boat trip to Verdens Ende (The World’s End) from June 20th to August 11th. Daily departures from Tønsberg brygge, close to Hotell Klubben / Thon Hotel Brygga.


The Bolærne-ferry departures from the eastside of the canal bridge in Tønsberg. The boat will take you both to the western and eastern side of Bolærne. It departures daily multiple times a day throughout the summer. Experience the history and the amazing view of Bolærne.


Ole III departs from Husøya to Husvik in Tønsberg. It has daily trips throughout the summer towards mid-September by appointment. Call or contact the captain. The ferry-rides are free.


Jutøya ferry can take you to Veierland from either Tenvik in Nøtterøy or Engø in Sandefjord. The ferry-rides is approx. 15 minutes. Veierland is a car-free island with perfect hiking possibilities.


Helgeroafergene – Helgeroa ferry - takes you from Langesund to Langøya, Siktesøya, Lille Arøya and Store Arøya to Helgeroa. Helgeroafergene has daily departures throughout the summer.

Photo: Visit Vestfold

Great view at Bolærne east of Nøtterøy


Order a boat whenever you wish

Fjordtaxi is a taxi-boat that drives in the outer-parts of the Oslofjord. It has its base in east part of Nøtterøy, and the boat capacity is 12 people. Fjordtaxi can bring you along to lighthouses, fishing trips or excursions around the outer-parts of the Oslofjord.


Skyssbåten is a boat that can bring you around the coast to Veierland, Tjøme and Nøtterøy. The boat takes passengers up to 7 people.


M/S Kaisa has its base in Stavern and it’s possible to order it to either excursions or transport. The boat is a closed-boat with room for 12 passengers.


If you are in a bigger group that wants to experience the coastline in Vestfold there is plenty boat-companies that can arrange a trip that would fit the group’s needs.

Verdens Ende Gjestehavn
Photo: Didrick Stenersen

With a view to the Vippefyret at the World End in Tjøme


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