Padleled Vestfold

The archipelago of Vestfold is as made for kayakers. Here you are surprisingly close to the wildlife along the islands. Norway's first continuous padleled allows you to paddle along the entire Vestfold coast.

Photo: Vestfold fylkeskommune


Opens june 26

Padleled Vestfold becomes Norway's first continuous padleled, where you can paddle all the way from Larvik in the south to Svelvik in the north along the coast of Vestfold from the summer of 2018. Whether you want to challenge yourself in opened waters or paddle close to islands and canals, the archipelago of Vestfold will provide you with good kayaking experiences.


Padleled Vestfold has been initiated by the county municipality and is being implemented in cooperation with the coastal municipalities. There will be a total of 92 marked routes that one can choose from. On June 26th there will be an official opening of the paddle trail at Fjærholmen on Nøtterøy.


The archipelago in Vestfold is known as one of the most unique paddle areas in the country. Here you can paddle in rough open waters around Larvik and Horten or choose straits and more sheltered areas around Sandefjord, Færder and Tønsberg.


Photo: Vestfold fylkeskommune

Simple accomodation along the route

In August, the construction of the first padle huts starts at Østre Bolærne outside of Nøtterøy and Ildverket on the outside of Tjøme. The padle huts are simple accommodations that the paddlers can use along the route. During the fall and during the winter, more paddle hut will be built along the coast.


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