St. Hans in Vestfold

The St. Hans celebration is strongly embedded in Vestfold's tradition. It consists of boat processions, bonfires and a good atmosphere on one of the brightest days throughout the year. 

Photo: Adrenaline Pictures

Flowergirls celebrate St. Hans.



Barbeques, bonfires, flower crowns, boat processions and music performances. The celebration is recognised as being one of the brightest days throughout the year, midsummer and the summer solstice. The traditional boat processions have been a part of the celebration in Vestfold for a long time. All kinds of boats are decorated with birch, flags and flowers as they float beside the coastline.   

Photo: Adrenaline Pictures

The boats are decorated with birch and plags.


The day after The St. Hans celebration, St. Hans-day, has since the beginning of the 1900 been a public holiday. However around 1990’s many cities in Norway stopped treating it as a public holiday, while parts of Vestfold kept it as a public holiday until 2010. The city of Sandefjord remained as the last city in Vestfold to refrain from it as a public holiday in 2016.

Photo: Adrenaline Pictures

St. Hans bonfire

St. Hans


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