Tønsberg in Vestfold

Tønsberg is the oldest city in Norway, founded during the Viking Age. The Quayside consists of old warehouses and is a popular place for a summer promenade. Several restaurants, hotels, parks and playgrounds provide opportunities for recreational activity along the Quayside. Tønsberg guest harbour was voted the best guest harbour in Norway. Tønsberg also have strong traditions for entertainment.

Sjøsetting av Saga Oseberg
Fra sjøsettingen av Saga Oseberg
Photo: Johan Eftevåg Tønsberg kommune

The Viking City

History’s largest and richest example of craftsmanship from the Viking Age, the Queens grave, was found buried just outside the city of Tønsberg in 1904. The beautiful 21,5 meters long Oseberg ship was revealed. A copy of the Oseberg Viking ship resides in Tønsberg harbour. The original ship is displayed at The Slottsfjell Museum.


Ruins from Castrum Tunsberg, which was Norway’s largest castle in the 13th century. The castle was destroyed in 1503. The present tower on Castle Rock was built in 1888. The tower is 17 meters high. The Slottsfjell Museum offers an exhibition on the Middle Ages, “The history of Tønsberg city” both in the museum and in the Slottsfjell Tower.

Islands and beaches

Right outside Tønsberg you will find Nøtterøy and Tjøme, two large island communities, each with their own unique charm. In Tjøme you should visit Verdens Ende (World's End), a popular photo spot. Verdens Ende is a part of the Færder National park with panoramic views of the ocean. There are excellent conditions for swimming, fishing and hiking in the area. Tønsberg also offer sandy beaches like Ringshaugstranda, Skallevoldstranda, Fjørholmen, Mostranda and Lilleskagen. The islands and beaches are accessible by car.

Ringshaugstranda ved Furustrand Camping
Photo: Halvard Skjauff

Facts about Tønsberg




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