Walking in the Vestfold archipelago

The coastal paths in Vestfold are a fantastic experience if you enjoy walking, as the paths are right by the sea and you can see and hear the seabirds, smell the salty air and gaze at a horizon that stretches to infinity…

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The Coastal Path in Vestfold, Norway


Walking on the skerreis is a great feeling, among the rushes and along the beaches of Vestfold’s wonderful archipelago. If you want a rest you simply find a spot on the smooth, sloping rocks and admire the sea. You could take food and drink with you, as it tastes especially delicious in the open air – or you can take a dip in the sea before strolling on. The county of Vestfold contains 980 km of shore line and 1407 islands, and there are more than a hundred beaches. 


Signposted trails are found along the Coastal Path. If you want to go walking or hiking, the possibilities are many and varied - both along the coast and in the forest.

On the coastal path between Stavern and Helgeroa there is 35 kilometres signposted coastal path. This is a very popular trail.

Kyststien Stavern
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The coastal trail on Vesterøya offers 25 kilometres of marked trails for hikers where Folehavna, with its smooth coastal rocks and stunning view, lies at the entrance to the open sea. You will also find ruins from a German fortress built in 1941. The coastal trail on Østerøya is 20 kilometres long and passes through an area known for its rich and varied fauna. At Østerøya's souther trip lies Yxney with Tønsberg Tønne, a boaters' favourite spot and a beautiful place to take a break from daily life.


The Coastal Fairway offer basic accommodation at lighthouses or in seaside cabins. The Coastal Fairway gives you the opportunity to experience the coastline in an environmentally friendly fashion – in a rowing boat and with basic accommodation available. The idyllic litle island, Gokstadholmen outside Sandefjord has a small cabin called Drengestua located right next to the water. The idyllic island, Buerøya is located right outside Sandefjord Town center. The cabin is an old kiosk that used to belong to the camping ground that was located on the island.


Bøkeskogen utsikt
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Don't miss

Bøkeskogen, Larvik
Norway’s largest public beech wood. A popular recreation area.


Mølen, outside Larvik
Beautiful nature area with an interesting history and fine walking possibilities. Mølen is a beautiful nature area right out on the coast, with an interesting history and fine walking possibilities. Beautiful coastal scenery with burial mounds from the Iron Age. Mølen is a part of UNESCO Geopark Area.

Photo: Gunnar Berven

The World’s End and Færder National Park

A recreation area with a fantastic fjord view, rocks, fishing spots and skerries. Færder National Park is one of two marine national parks in Norway. Færder National Park and the surrounding area make an attractive tourist destination. A variety of outdoor recreational activities are available to both the local population and the many visitors.

Verdens Ende

Photo: Martin Olsen

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