Traditional Christmas food

Invite your friends, family or associates to Larvik, Sandefjord or Tønsberg to our pre-Christmas celebration. Taste our Norwegian traditional food such as lutefisk, ribbe and pinnekjøtt. The hotel offer packages with both accommodation, Norwegian Christmas food and a dinner show. This time of year is definitely the best way to eat and drink your way through our Norwegian cuisine.


Photo: Quality Hotel Tønsberg, Hotel Kong Carl, Brygga 11 og Hotel Wassilioff


This dish is made from dried cod and lye and lutefisk means “lye fish”. The texture is jelly and the lutefisk is served with potatoes, bacon, mashed green peas along with butter or white sauce.



Almost half of the Norwegians eat ribbe on Christmas eve. This oven-cooked pork is made by traditional recipes with crisp surface. The pork is served with potatoes, gravy, red cabbage, sauerkraut, Brussels sprouts, sausages, cranberries jam and prunes.



Pinnekjøtt means stick meat and is ribs of lam. There are two types of pinnekjøtt; dried or smoked. It depends where in Norway you are from if you eat dried or smoked. This dish is served with purred swede, potatoes and gravy.


Norwegians drink Norwegian Christmas beer and our traditional spirit Akevitt to all these dishes. The season starts in November and lasts until New Year.

Restaurants in Vestfold offers delicious Christmas food, make your reservation today. 


Fjord Line and Color Line have daily departures from Strømstad – Sandefjord. Color Line has daily departures between Larvik and Hirtshals, Denmark. A delicious Christmas buffet will be served on board.


LarvikSandefjordTønsberg and Horten are decorated for Christmas shopping. Here you can buy Scandinavian design and special gifts to bring home with you. Our town centres offer both small shops and shopping centre. 


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