Kyststien, Fjordstien, Revstien og Indre Havn promenaden

The Coastal path winds its way from Stavern to Brunlanes. If you like the combination of beaches, bathing, skerries, and you want to spice it up with splendid views of the Larvik fjord and idyllic villages, you should try this magnificent sign-posted route. 

Fjordstien is a five-kilometer trail from the city centre of Larvik to Agnes, close to Stavern. Revstien is a concrete path running from the Vestre Halsen area, along the river Lågen - a waterway well known for salmon fishing - heading for the Revet pier where you will find the Thor Heyerdahl "Ra" sculpture.


You may also walk the Inner Harbour promenade from Batteristranda to Tollerodden or via Vadskjæret all the way to the Ra-sculpture!


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