In Stavern, the summer pulse beats a little extra, and when the ceremony of the years summer town has taken place, Stavern has been a winner - 4 years in a row ( The city has been called Norway's smile dimple.

Photo: Didrick Stenersen

No wonder we’re so fond of this place. Strolling around such historical surroundings combined with streets full of art galleries, cafés and markets and not far from the beach either. With the nature walks along the coastline, where you just feel peaceful walking around. The cultural experiences Stavern has to offer is something for everyone with all different kind of concerts throughout the summer.

Photo: Adrenaline Pictures

Stavern brings all different types of people together with its wide rage of experiences. The charming Hotel Wassilioff has multiple well-known artist performing throughout the summer. The bar has live music from Wednesday to Saturday, while the restaurant Excellensen offers 3 and 5 courses on their menu. The restaurant Smak av Stavern has such a good location that you can almost touch the water with your toes while you enjoy a fantastic meal.


Stavern and the archipelago

Stavern has an amazing archipelago where the ferry M/S Viksfjord offers boat rides around Viksfjord along to the coastline, with a captain that knows good stories to tell during the trip. A small kiosk on board the ferry, with a selection of food and drink. In July the ferry offers departures from Dampskipsbrygga in Stavern to Malmøya, Svenner and Stavernsøya. Island hopping Tuesday to Sunday with two departures daily.

Photo: Adrenaline Pictures

Art gallery

The art galleries in Stavern are closely located and has a good atmosphere surrounding it, especially in Fredriksvern Verft.


Walking in Stavern

Stavern's exciting story becomes live conveyed by Staverns guide Nils Melau, on walks through Stavern. If there is no program the day you wishes to take a deeper dive into history, then contact to hear about the possibility of booking your own guide.

Stavern- Larvikguiden
Photo: Linn Steen

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