Eidsfoss is a place where time has stood still. Here there is tranquillity for body and soul in a preservation-worthy cultural heritage. Enjoy a relaxing and idyllic day in Eidsfoss.

Vinter i Holmestrand
Vinter i Holmestrand
Photo: Ole Thomas Halvorsen

Eidsfoss is worth a visit all year round.


Eidsfoss is located in Holmestrand municipality, approx. 30 minutes’ drive from Holmestrand town center and just over 1-hour drive from Oslo. You can easily get to Eidsfoss by car or use vkt.no's travel planner for bus.

Eidsfoss is located between the waters Bergsvannet and Eikeren north in Vestfold. If you go here, you will arrive at a charming and lively village with an exciting history. Here you can enjoy the tranquillity, good food and at the same time learn more about an important part of our common cultural heritage, namely the iron works.
The old workers' homes are well preserved at Eidsfoss.

Take a walk along the cultural path that goes through beautiful scenery and exciting historic building environments.

In the ironworks museum, you can learn about the more than 250-year history of the industrial company A / S Eidsfos works and the local community that grew up around it.

Eidsfoss kro
Eidsfoss kro
Photo: Ole Thomas Halvorsen

Cultural heritage Eidsfoss.


The story of Eidsfoss

The waterfall, large forest resources, ore deposits and the possibilities for transport on surrounding water and waterways, have laid the foundation for industry at Eidsfoss since the Middle Ages.

First, there were several mills for grain along the short river between the waters, but the development really took off with the establishment of Eidsfoss Jernverk (ironwork) in 1697. Thus, 300 years of technological and social development followed, which we find traces of today.

In the early 1960s, small ironworks such as Eidsfoss were unable to keep up with the competition from large foreign companies. The place was characterized by relocation and decay as the industry was closed down. Demolition ghost hung over the place in the 1970s, until a group of local patriots engaged to preserve the ancient building environments. This is the work we are enjoying of Eidsfoss today.


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