Tufte Gård

Tufte Farm is located just outside Horten near Nykirke. The farm is 350 years old and there have been different operations in all these years. Today there is grain and wood, along with the rental of premises and activities that create income for the farm. Many probably know the name Tufte after the Olympic champion Olaf Tufte. The competitor and his family live at Tufte farm.

Olaf Tufte

Olaf Tufte about the farm

I have grown up at Tufte, and have always been involved in the work there. That's how I became interested in being a farmer. I graduated as a tractor mechanic and agronomist.

From an early age, I worked physically on the farm and thought it was fun. Today, I do a lot of physical work because I like it, it's a good exercise, and it's often faster than using machines etc.

Tufte has always been a family farm, where everyone contributes with what they can and have time for. One of my great teachers, besides my dad, was my grandmother "Mimmi". Today, Tufte Farm is still, and definitely a family farm. 3 generations are in swing when things are to be done. We are proud of the farm and what we get to. We emphasize unity, quality and hard work.


Today, I'm a full-time athlete, but I work so much at home in the yard. I have good help from my dad who drives the farm when I'm not home. Aina drives the event bite, and most else around. So she is a full time manager. My motheris the secretary fixes everything else. The children help where they can when needed.

Tufte Gård
Photo: Jon Klasbu

The story of Tufte Farm

The operation at Tufte Farm has changed over the years. A barn was built in 1931. There were cows and dairy production, pigs, hens, horses and 20 lambs on the farm. This was driven until recently, and settled about 30 years ago.
The saw was built new in 1930. Before that, the saw was down in the waterfall driven by water-rising saw . There are now only dams left.
Another operation on the farm was to cut out ice from Borre water. It was new to have food in the house, and large ice cubes were used for the refrigerator of that time. Ice cubes were stored in sawdust throughout the summer.


Tufte Farm today

Tufte farm runs today with rental of premises and has lots of activities for groups. Should you arrange confirmations, weddings, business days, kick-offs or company gatherings, the farm is definitely a good choice. There is room for 180 people, bar with all rights, stage, outdoor seating, indoors both in lavvo, at Sagbruk and in Stabburet. In addition, you can book lectures, activities and entertainment. Delicious food is served to order anything from tapas, speke, barbecue and cold tables to 3-course menus. Should you have a birthday you can book packages that include optional toys with treasure hunting and food.

Photo: Tufte Gård

The activity offer is great. Here are challenges for colleagues and executives. Tower building, dairy cabinet, 7-man ski, cartilage stall, ax throw, ring game, air rifle or shotgun with much more. Of entertainment you will be able to book DJ, magician, band and lectures.

Here you will enjoy fresh air and nature combined with the culture of the country.


For prices and booking requests see Tufte Farm.


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