Åsgårdstrand has small town life with small galleries, cafes and is an attractive place for tourists in the summer. For more than 100 years, the city has had well-known painters visiting, which has made Åsgårdstrand known as the artist city. Edvard Munch has painted many of his masterpieces here and he spent many summers in Åsgårdstrand. Boat tourists come back year after year and the reason is that here in Åsgårdstrand you will experience true Vestfold summer.

Åsgårdstrand has idyllic streets and cozy gardens.


Munchs house

Munch's house is located just off Grand Hotel Åsgårdstrand, passing by the hotel and the marina. Surrounded by green lawns, you will see the house and the studio in the hills. Alternatively, you will walk along Edvard Munch's gate, an idyllic street with southern idyll and cozy gardens. At the museum it is nice to sit and look over the sea and down the shoreline which caught Munch's interest early. Munch lived a carefree summer life here and was well-liked by locals. In the museum everything is preserved as it was when Munch lived here. He bought the house in 1898 and owned the house until his death. The original studio building is demolished, but another is set up in the same space.

Photo: Munchs hus

In Munch's house you can see how Munch lived a carefree summer life in Åsgårdstrand.


Grand Hotel Åsgårdstrand

With a breakfast where you can also enjoy a spectacular sunrise or a dinner with a panoramic view of the Oslo Fjord, you should head to the Grand Hotel Åsgårdstrand. Right at the marina you can watch the boating and enjoy quiet days with the hotel's wonderful summer location, or sit on the first row to experience the fjord when the winter storms rage.

Photo: Grand Hotel Åsgårdstrand

Great view of the harbor from Grand Hotel Åsgårdstrand.


Boating and swimming 

Åsgårdstrand has its own aquapark in the center of the city with a great sandy beach, large grassy area and volleyball court. You will also find a bathing staircase and a diving board on the pier. Just above the beach you will find Grand Hotel Åsgårdstrand and restaurants. Next to the beach is Åsgårdstrand guest harbor which is open all year round and accommodates 30 boats.

The guest harbor in Åsgårdstrand is a popular place for boat tourists.


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