Food and drink in Horten

Horten and Åsgårdstrand offers nice restaurants and cafés. At the hotels, you will find a lounge, restaurants and bars. Peppes Pizza is centrally located in Horten guest harbour. You can also discover food festivals and food markets.

Horten mat- og ølfestival
Photo: Trude Schelbred

Food festival at Karljohansvern in Horten.


Food Festivals

Midgard food- and beer festival is a day with historic food experiences. A food festival throughout Norwegian history. The festival takes place in autumn at the Viking museum Midgard Historic Museum.


Horten food- and beer festival and the Photography Days takes place in Karljohansvern. Norway’s National Museum of Photography, Preus Museum, is located in Karljohansvern. The festival takes place in autumn and is a popular event. Visit our What's On calendar for events.


Eat and drink like a Viking

Photo: Midgard Historisk Senter

If you want a slightly different dining experience, the Gildehallen welcomes you to Borre 1200 years back in time. In the Gildehallen, historical food is served on the basis of the Viking age's raw materials in a room taken right out of history. With a capacity of 90 people, the Gildehallen is ideal for groups.


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