Biking in Vestfold

Between April and the end of September, Vestfold is the perfect setting for cycling holiday. The landscape is easy to cycle in, and you can choose what you want to see. What about cycling along smooth rocks and beaches on the Coastal Route from Horten to Helgeroa? Or taking tranquil trip through the woods along the beautiful Numedal Route? Savour the smell of seaweed and blooming meadows. Let the wind ruffle your hair. Stop at a beach and take a dip. Try your hand at fishing the Numedalslågen River. Experience town life or visit an open farm. Take a break from the hustle and bustle - take your bike and enjoy your adventure.

Sykkel Vestfold

Photo: Anja Basma, Sykkelfestivalen, Visit Vestfold

Vestfold has more than 600 kilometres of signposted cycle paths. Two of the national bicycle routes pass through the region - the Coastal Route (Nordsjøruta) and the Numedal Route (Numedalsruta).

Bicycle map of Vestfold

There are several of local biking routes along the coast. A new biking map for Vestfold in 2016 can be bought at Visit Vestfold,


Biking with a guide

The company Active Leisure (Aktiv Fritid – ut på tur) offer guided tours. Bike along the unique coastline. Breath in the salty sea air and enjoy the scenery while the guide takes you through history and nature.


Rent a bike

Cycle on your own. You can rent a bike at Tjøme with Aktiv Fritid, or at Brunvall Gård in Stavern


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