Water has played a big role in the history of Larvik, from the time the Vikings sailed in and created Norway's first town at Kaupang, to when Colin Archer shaped the boats of the future and turned polar exploration from a dream to reality with his unique designs on Tollerodden as well as in the 1880's when Larvik became famous for the rejuvenating waters of the Farris spring. 

Water has always been important and still is today. Larvik, the town between two rivers, the largest town in the greater municipal area and a natural centre point both commercially and socially. With it's newly laid promenade, numerous beaches, the green lung of Bøkeskogen (a natural beech tree forest) right in the middle of town, a new culture and convention centre catering for all ages, hotels, restaurants, shops and easy connections to the rest of the district.


Larvik has reclaimed it's shoreline in recent years, art and culture are steadily becoming a more important part in the town's development, old industrial sites are making way for modern architecture and new age thinking.


Why don't you pay us a visit? Larvik has water and all the trimmings!


Population: Larvik municipality ca 43 000. Larvik city: ca 24 000.
Traveltime from Oslo: 1,5 hour.


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