Nevlunghavn, Helgeroa, Øyane og Mølen

Nevlunghavn, also sometimes known as 'Havna', lies on the outermost point of Larvik and Vestfold's Skagerak coast. Known as the most beautiful town in Vestfold, a wonder around the streets of this special place will reveal that this is not simply an empty statement. 

You will find a unique and very special atmosphere here and if you choose to enjoy it on the pier, we can promise that the prawns you buy here will be fresh.


Not far from Nevlunghavn lies Helgeroa and the islands, pearls in our string of coastal villages. Facing west over the ocean, Helgeroa can boast of gorgeous sunsets all year round.


In between the two towns lies Mølen, a geographical anomaly, with its pebble beach, Viking graves and prolific birdlife. Beautiful and seductive!


Population: ca 1 700.
Traveltime from Larvik station: ca 20 minutes.


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