Spring water, the steaming river, the lake or the ocean... Head for Larvik and get a four-part water tonic in a single day!

Boasting 120 kilometres of coastline with skerries, sandy beaches and lots of sun-shining days, the Larvik area is an attractive area for leisure sailors and dinghy dwellers. For hundreds of years Larvik has been an important junction for sailors and seafarers between Norway and Denmark. Today the Color Line ferry company sails twice a day return to Denmark from town, and Larvik harbour is moreover one of the absolutely most important inter-related junctions between sea and road.


Larvik and Stavern has got a strong, solid tradition of navigation. Ships were constructed for famous polar struggles, Thor Heyerdahl formed the basis for his ocean adventures in Larvik and historic battles have been fought by the water's edge in Stavern. Viking voyagers sailed, and some of them also returned to safe havens close to Larvik. Through history water has been an important source to existence and to thrilling experiences in Larvik. The seaside town has got long tradition for fishing, and the vast majority of hotels and camping sites are situated close to the sea front. The spa hotel Farris Bad, situated at the town beach, is the only hotel that has established a spa on a real, mineral springwater source.


Tourists might get a thrilling perception of free-flowing water in the Larvik area, as the most particular feature of water is to reflect the nature that surrounds it.


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